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Scarlet Woman - Lady of Babylon

I.N.B.V.S.M. - 93/93

"In a desert of red sand and gravel
There's a place where all pleasures thrive
It's the kingdom of the ancient mother
Where the wisdom of the old survives

I can see the lady clad in purple
She's adorned with all kind of joy
With her perfect beauty carved in marble
She can make me a defenceless toy

I will drink her golden cup of lewdness
'till the bloody lymph will make me drunk
Like a puppet I'll fall upon my knees
In a moment I will lose my pride

Lady of Babylon - Let me adore you
Lady of Babylon - I save my love for you
Lady of Babylon - Come and take me
Lady of Babylon - Take my whole life too

Now I see the seven-headed dragon
With his claws he tears my heart apart
But my journey without her can't go on
I must be sure that a new life will start"